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Wood Floor Warranties in Columbia, MD

Does My Wood Floor Have a Warranty Against Scratches?

So, you’re all ready to invest in the beautiful hardwood floor of your dreams! Many people often ask “Will my hardwood floor scratch?” “Does the warranty cover scratching?” The simple answer is “Yes” it can scratch and “No” that’s not covered by ANY manufacturer’s warranty.


Why Isn’t There a Warranty Against Scratches?

Wood is a natural product. And like all-natural products, they can scratch! Now, it’s important to know, not all wood floor finishes are created equal. A better quality finish will do a better job of preventing scratches. These finishes often include something called “aluminum oxide.” Regardless of the quality, manufacturers rarely (never) provide a warranty that covers scratching. But don’t be discouraged! There are simple ways to prevent scratches: 1) Take off your shoes! Often scratches come from small pebbles or rock salt stuck in your shoes; 2) Put floor protectors on the feet of ALL your furniture… kitchen chairs, especially!; 3) Keep your pets’ claws trimmed; and finally 4) Buy a “rustic” wood floor… it’s already scratched! So, you won’t notice the new ones.


What If the Hardwood Flooring Comes damaged?

Your warranty doesn’t cover scratches after you have the flooring installed, but it definitely does cover defects that are identified before or during installation. In other words, if there’s a problem with your hardwood floors and it’s the manufacturer’s fault, you won’t be responsible for replacing the defective flooring yourself. You’re sure to have a hardwood floor that you’ll love!


What About Dents?

Denting is different from scratching, and it’s not covered by the warranty, either. Denting is usually caused by dropping something heavy on your floor or walking on your floor in high heels.


If you want to avoid denting after installation, opt for harder woods, such as Brazilian Cherry or Hickory. We’ll post a future article about the Janka hardness rating.


What Warranty is Most Important?

A warranty against manufacturer defects is sensible, but the most useful warranty you can have is on the installation of the floor. Unlike most flooring installers, The Vertical Connection Carpet One offers a lifetime warranty on all installations. This means that we always do everything we can to make sure your flooring installation goes smoothly and that you are completely satisfied. When you have a warranty on floor installation, you can be absolutely sure that you’ll fall in love with the finished product!

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