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Looking for a way to dress up your window? Add value to your home? Would you like to save money on your heating bill? If the answer to any of these questions is, “Yes!” then shutters may be the solution for you.

Hunter Douglas Shutters are a very practical and attractive choice for window treatments. They have a timeless appeal that can match any décor and can be custom made in virtually any size, shape or color. Shutters have many unique features. They are one of the only window treatments that can be financed into the value of your home because they are custom built to fit your windows and usually stay with the home when sold. They are also a healthier alternative to soft window treatments, such as draperies, because they do not absorb dust, and can be wiped clean. Shutters provide an added layer of insulation to keep cold air out. When closed, they also add a layer of protection to your furniture, flooring and artwork to help prevent damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They are one of the most durable type of window treatments.

There are 3 types of shutters: plantation, solid, and café style. The most common type of shutter, the plantation shutter is designed to allow air to pass through an open window, but still keep the room cool. The key feature of a plantation shutter is the horizontal slats called louvres. The louvres are mounted inside a frame and rotate to an open or closed position to allow for air and light control. The louvres are available in different widths, creating a unique design element to the shutter. Changing the size of the louvre can drastically change its appearance. Plantation shutters have the most versatility as far as size and shape. They can be made to the height of an entire room and can also be cut into shapes such as circles, triangles, or octagons.

Solid shutters are mainly used on older homes. They are designed to be completely open during the day and closed at night. Solid shutters keep the most light out and allow for the most privacy. Solid shutters are also available with louvres on top allowing for more flexible light control options. They can also have added decorative elements such as fabric panels or tinted glass.

Café style shutters are so named because they were used in restaurants and cafés to cover only the bottom half of a window. They are mostly used in homes with very large windows where sunlight is allowed to enter while a sense of privacy is maintained.

The versatility and variety of Hunter Douglas shutters can enhance any home and provide many window treatment solutions. Hunter Douglas Shutters may be the answer to your decorating needs.

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