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Finding Your Hardwood Cost

Finding Your Hardwood Cost


Magnificent mahogany, charming cherry, and outstanding oak. These are just a few options for you to consider when embarking on the process of choosing new hardwood flooring. It’s beautiful, it’s sleek, it’s refined — it’s sustainable, it’s low-maintenance, it’s safe and clean. It’s practically everything you could want from a flooring solution. But there’s always one hitch in the planning stages that can make you rethink the whole thing. Sure, the end result will be amazing… but how much will new hardwood flooring cost?



Due to the vast array of variables that can change the value of a hardwood flooring project, from wood species choice to craftsmanship to solid vs. engineered wood, there is no end-all-be-all answer to this question without knowing a little more about your project. Generally speaking, however, hardwood flooring costs average $10-$15 per square foot, fully installed. That includes removing existing flooring, moving furniture, the cost of the specific material, installation, and trim work.



AtThe Vertical ConnectionCarpet One, “generally speaking” doesn’t cut it. We’ve heard plenty of frustrating stories about homeowners being unable to find accurate and honest pricing information for their new hardwood floor cost. As part of our efforts to make your renovation project a truly enjoyable one, we’ve built a straightforward pricing calculator, over to your left on this page. Simply enter the square footage of your soon-to-be-hardwood-floored space, and you’ll immediately have an idea of how this part of the project will fit in your budget. All without leaving your couch, all without having to invite us over to measure.



At The Vertical Connection Carpet One in Olney and Columbia, we are offer hardwood flooring to the area of Ellicott City, MD.