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Carpet Cost in Columbia, MD

How Much Will New Carpet Cost?


Let’s talk about carpet. In a world that’s seemingly dominated by hardwood floors, carpet can often get lost in the flooring conversation. Not to hate on hardwood (because we sell that, too!), but carpet offers a handful of benefits that you just don’t get with other flooring options, namely the cozy comfort it provides. Whether it’s the feeling of plush softness between your toes or the cushion it gives for tumbling toddlers, choosing carpet is never a bad way to go. But of course, as with any option, there’s always that one question on the mind. How much does new carpet cost?


Finding Your New Carpet Cost


Unfortunately, we can’t just tell you, “Hey! Your new carpet costs X amount!” There are boatloads of factors that can vary carpet cost, from fabric choice and quality to square footage and other features. Generally speaking, though, new carpet will cost about $3 to $8 per square foot installed (of course dependent upon the carpet you choose). That covers the cost of materials, padding, installation, and removal and disposal of your old carpet. That even pays for us to move all the big, heavy furniture out of the way so we can actually get at the floor. The whole shebang. Seems pretty reasonable, and now you have an idea of what new carpet costs, right?

But here’s the thing. At The Vertical Connection Carpet One, we don’t stop at “generally speaking.” Plenty of customers have come to us, frustrated that they can’t find even any general answers (like what’s above) online, and even having had trouble receiving accurate and straightforward pricing in stores. Lucky for you, you found a company that genuinely cares.

We went the distance to build an online pricing tool for you to get specific price estimates before anyone from our team even shows up at your house to measure. It’s just over to the left on this page. All you have to do is plug in the dimensions of the room you’re having carpeted, and you’ll immediately have an idea of how much it’ll cost to carpet that space. And because we’re all about going that extra mile, that tool can also give you a price range for hardwood and windows, too.


How Much Does New Carpet Cost? Now You Know.



At The Vertical Connection Carpet One in Columbia, we are proud to offer affordable carpet to Ellicott City, and surrounding areas.




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