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High Traffic Carpet Cleaning Tips to Tackle Those Trails

High Traffic Carpet Cleaning Tips to Tackle Those Trails


In areas of your home with high traffic, you may notice your carpet darkening over time. These darker trails of worn carpet are physical representations of the natural paths your family takes as they walk throughout your home. This happens to most carpets over time where heavy traffic regularly occurs.



Luckily, these trails can be tackled through a few different high traffic carpet cleaning methods. Once they are cleaned, following regular cleaning schedules involving prompt care of stains and regular professional cleaning will help to prevent prominent carpet trails from reoccurring. Also, you may benefit from our 3M Everguard Stain Protection Plan we offer for the quality carpeting installed by The Vertical Connection Carpet One.Like with most home cleaning products, make sure the products you buy for the following methods are appropriate for the type of carpeting which needs treated.


Method #1: Dry Cleaning


For carpet and colors that may damage or fade easily, dry cleaning is a promising cleaning method. Using a vacuum and a dry carpet cleaning kit, first vacuum the carpet to remove as much of the dirt and debris as possible. Following the dry cleaning kit instructions, apply the cleaning solution, and work it into the traffic trail. Vacuum once more to remove the cleaning product from the carpet.


Method #2: Foam Cleaning


This is a quick way to tackle carpet paths, but make sure to get as much of the foam out of the carpet as possible when you are done. Start with a vacuum as you did in method #1 to remove dirt and debris. Using a foam cleaning product designed specifically for high traffic carpet, follow the instructions and apply to the trails. Using a steam cleaner afterwards to fully remove all remaining foam cleaner from the carpet is advised, but rubbing the area with a damp towel (water only) and then patting it with a dry towel will work as well.



In the event your carpet trails cannot be remedied by a dry cleaning kit or a foam cleaner, consulting a professional is the best option. And remember, regular upkeep of your carpet helps prevent or lessen trails in the future.



At The Vertical Connection Carpet One in Olney and Columbia, we are offer carpet care tips to the area of Ellicott City, MD.