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Visualize your Room and Design your Interior

Interior_DesignMaking the decision to redesign or update the interior of your home is a major undertaking. The decision can be a difficult one to make and it can’t be made quickly. The time must be taken to determine which area of the home needs a redesign and how the redesign should be approached. Some of the ways a room can be recreated during a redesign is through new window treatments, new cabinets, new carpets, or new flooring. New paint, décor, and furniture can also be used to create a brand new atmosphere for each room and for your home as a whole.

However, it can be hard to visualize your room, which can make your redesign difficult. If only you had the ability to see the changes for yourself…

Learning about the Room Visualizer

With the new Room Visualizer offered by The Vertical Connection Carpet One, the ability to preview the room you are about to create is yours! The application is easy to use and can help homeowners create an interior that suits their style.

What are you interested in?

CarpetFlooringWindow TreatmentsCabinets

So how can a homeowner use the Room Visualizer tool?

You can begin by either choosing a room or uploading an image of their own. The rooms are categorized as follows:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Living
  • Dining

Each room provides options that allow homeowners to choose a layout that best fits their current room. Once the room has been chosen, homeowners are able to change different elements of the room to create a look that they like the best. If you simply install a new floor and paint your walls without any thought or ability to see the final product, you could be left with a room that is nowhere near what you envisioned. It can also be quite pricey to go back and try to re-do the entire process a second time.

So what can be changed by the homeowner?

  • Flooring- Homeowners can choose from numerous products offered through our showroom. Our flooring options include: carpet, sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl (LVT), laminate, tile, and hardwood. Once the color has been chosen, the user can also look up information on that specific product.
  • Wainscot- If the room includes a wainscot; the user has the ability to choose a color to see how the flooring could be paired. This also helps to determine the color of your wall as well.
  • Wall Color- Whether you want to stick with neutrals or you want to play around with an accent color, this allows you to see how the wall color will work with the other elements within the room.

How Can We Help?

The Vertical Connection Carpet One offers several different products to help create an interior look that works for you. Our trained staff can help walk you through our showroom and choose options that are best for your vision and needs. However, many homeowners are unsure as to how these products can affect the redesign process. Our products can help bring a whole new life to your room!


Cabinets within your kitchen or bathroom can help homeowners take full advantage of the space allotted to them. Cabinets can help create storage space while also providing a way for homeowners to create an organized system for the room.

Kitchen cabinets can be used to effectively store food items, cooking utensils, dishes, and even small cooking appliance. Remove the clutter from your counter space and create an efficient and structured kitchen. Bathroom cabinets can help free up space around your sink and vanity and allow your toiletries and healthcare items to be stored neatly.

Cabinets can also help to change the overall appearance of the room as well. Use pops of color to create a more modern appearance or choose a more natural wood to create a more subtle, formal appearance.

Customers can choose from a number of different brands like Decora, Kitchen Craft and Kemper to create a brand new look with their cabinets.

Window Treatments

Your windows are a main component of your home. Without windows, the outside world would be completely closed off to your home. However, homeowners don’t necessarily want the outside world to be able to see through their windows. Hunter Douglas window treatments are here to suit the privacy needs of any homeowner depending on what they want.

Hunter Douglas window treatments are available in a number of different styles, colors, and finishes to help create an overall look that fits the style of the homeowner. Determine how much natural light you wish to have for your room as well as how much privacy you want before you choose your blinds, shades, or shutters.

Light colors and finishes can be great accent pieces along dark walls while darker window treatments can help embrace a bolder look while also keeping out the sunlight.


The flooring throughout your home is an essential focal point as you redesign your rooms. An entire room can be designed based on the color and style of your flooring. With so many styles to choose from, homeowners should determine what kind of activity each room will see as well as the type of furniture that will most likely go into each room.

Rooms that are prone to spills or moisture like the bathroom or kitchen tend to benefit from a tile, vinyl, or laminate that can handle the moisture and activity without showing wear or tear. Hardwood flooring is a great family room or den option where furniture won’t be moved often to prevent damage. Each flooring option comes with a number of different style, color, and brand options that will fit your style and functional needs.

Homeowners can choose from a number of different brand names, some being:

  • Hardwood: Armstrong, Anderson, Baroque, Rustic River, Invincible, Bruce, Mohawk, and Shaw
  • Laminate: Mohawk, Shaw, Mannington and Armstrong
  • Vinyl: Armstrong, Earthscapes, and Karndean.


If you are looking to create a more luxurious and comforting atmosphere for your home, consider carpet as your flooring option. Help to create a cozy family room or consider carpet for most of your home to create a more fluid design.

Most carpet options also comes with our No-Exclusions Stain Warranty to help ensure your rooms are always looking their best, even with the lightest carpet color option. Homeowners can choose from a number of different brand options including: Stainmaster, Shaw Tigressa, Mohawk Lees, Beaulieu Resista, Masland, Dixie, Fabrica, and Stanton.

What to Consider when Redesigning

When you begin to redesign your home, no matter what room you choose to focus on first, you will always have a few things to think about before making any major decisions. These tend to include the following:

  • Life Stages- It’s always important to remember that your life is bound to change as time goes on. While the common thing to do is to design based on current situations, it’s never a bad idea to think about the future. If you don’t yet have children, think about implementing a design that could be adaptable should a family become your future. If you are currently chasing after small children, think about how your style could change as they grow. Considering the future and the different stages of life you may go through can help create a more efficient interior design.
  • Limits- Never make a decision when it comes to interior design before you determine the limits and obstacles you will be working with. Electrical outlets and plumbing can create limits as you begin to rethink the layout of your different rooms, so talk with professionals about the ability to change things around.
  • Activity- Look at each room and think about the type of activity that will take place in each. A family with several kids will need flooring and furniture that can handle drops, spills, and other potential damage. A home that will see plenty of parties and gatherings will require plenty of lighting and space to mingle. Look at products and layout options that will best suit your household and needs.

Your Interior with The Vertical Connection Carpet One

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