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The Vertical Connection with America’s Bravest

In keeping with a long tradition of caring for the community, The Vertical Connection Carpet One has made an important partnership that will directly benefit some of our community’s bravest members: our veterans. Read on to learn more about The Vertical Connection’s connection with Building for America’s Bravest and how this program is changing veterans’ lives for the better nationwide.

building-america-bravest Building for America’s Bravest “Smart Homes” Program 

The sacrifices made by America’s service members have not gone unrecognized or unrewarded; everyone is grateful to the brave men and women who give so much of themselves for the sake of others. Because of this selflessness, our veterans deserve for something to be given back to them in return, a fact that the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation noted. The Foundation, which was founded in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, has a mission of providing for and honoring the country’s service members in constructive ways- literally. In addition to a memorial run and other efforts, the Foundation’s Building for America’s Bravest program was created to take the constructive change mentality to a whole new level, one that is geared towards helping veterans who have suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of their service.

What is a Smart Home?

 The primary goal of the Building for America’s Bravest program is to construct houses that can make the day-to-day lives of catastrophically-injured veterans better. A Smart Home is just that: a home that incorporates specialized designs to fit the needs of veterans, including wider doorframes, automated lighting systems, adjustable-height countertops, and more. These features make it easier for veterans who are in wheelchairs or who have had limbs amputated to go about their daily life without unnecessary struggle.

What are you interested in?

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The combined efforts of the Foundation and businesses such as The Vertical Connection help make the creation of these Smart Homes possible. Donations from the community, too, have helped facilitate the construction of over twenty Smart Homes nationwide.

Are you interested in finding out more about Building for America’s Bravest? Get in touch with The Vertical Connection or visit ourbravest.org for more details.  Check back with us in the months ahead about opportunities to support this wonderful organization, and check out their Youtube video here!

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