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Tile Flooring Around Your Home

Tile flooring remains a popular choice for almost every room in the house due to its stain resistance, versatility, and durability. This type of flooring works with all decor, from rustic, to ultra-modern, making it a smart choice for your next project. Our Select a Floor Finder is a great tool for choosing flooring options. There are many tile flooring materials to choose from: ceramic tile, natural stone tile, and porcelain tile. Which tile is best for your project? Well, it depends on your style, and the room you’re considering. Let’s look at the options, and where we think they work best. Here are our recommendations on how to decorate with tile flooring around your house.

Tile 101

Before we look at the best tile flooring options for your home, let’s review the tile materials we will be recommending:

Natural stone tiles

  • Granite: its high density resists bacteria and moisture, which makes it ideal for kitchens, outdoors and high traffic areas.
  • Marble: not as tough as granite, it’s best suited for bathrooms and lower traffic areas.
  • Limestone: this softer stone is decoratively versatile, but not recommended for high traffic areas.
  • Slate: naturally slip resistant, it’s hard and durable which helps make a good looking, long lasting floor for any room.

Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass and Metal (man made)

These tiles are all versatile and can be used in a variety of rooms, although glass and metal are primarily recommended as accents. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are dense, waterproof and stain resistant. Both are excellent for high traffic areas. Ceramic is slightly less durable than porcelain but it is generally the most affordable tile option.

What are you interested in?

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Tile floors are heavy, so it’s critical to make sure the sub-flooring is sturdy enough to support the weight. In addition, tile floors can also be chilly (not a bad thing in warm climates) and sometimes slippery.

Tile Flooring in the Kitchen or Entryway

Laying tile in your kitchen or entryway is a great choice. Tile is waterproof, and durable for high traffic areas, but not all tile is stain resistant. Some natural stone tile can stain, and for this reason, we recommend porcelain or ceramic tile in the kitchen. Finish this tile with a darker grout to hide foot traffic dirt and the occasional stain. If natural stone is what you really want in the kitchen or entryway, granite has a high density that resists bacteria and moisture and works well in high foot traffic areas.

flooring tile kitchen

Natural stone look can be achieved with manmade tile. Stone look tile can achieve a rustic feel in a farmhouse kitchen, without the worry of food stains. If modern elegance is what you’re after, marble look tile is a great option. Wood look tile is a very popular choice in the kitchen, for those who love the the look of hardwood flooring but want the water resistance and durability of tile. Porcelain and ceramic tile are versatile enough to suit every decor style.

Tile Flooring in the Bathroom

flooring tile bathroomTile is an obvious choice for the bathroom, where moisture is the main concern. Another concern, however, is slipping, especially in a home with children or elderly family members. Tile can be slippery, but this can be avoided with a few smart considerations. Choosing smaller tile means more grout lines, which help with traction on the floor. Pebble stone tile is an excellent option for the bathroom due to it’s texture. It’s beautiful, natural, and feels smooth without being slippery. Slate is naturally slip resistant making it a great natural stone tile choice. In general, any textured tile works well in a bathroom where slipping is a concern.


Tile Flooring in the Living Room or Bedroom

Without the worry of moisture, heavy foot traffic, and food stains, the sky’s the limit on flooring options for these two rooms. Large travertine tile is an elegant and upscale option in a formal living space. Wood look porcelain tile is lovely in a bedroom, offering a low-maintenance and more durable surface than real hardwood flooring. If you have, or are considering radiant heat, porcelain tile is an excellent conductor of heat and will feel great to walk on, and provide excellent energy efficiency. Choose a light color and large tile to make a room feel larger.

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