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Select A Floor Finder: The Coolest Design Tool on the Web!

Chances are, you’ve never seen this awesome design tool, and you can thank me later…The Select A Floor Finder is an Interior Designer right on your computer and it makes choosing a new floor covering SO EASY and FUN! The quiz-like format of this design tool helps you narrow down your choices and design preferences to a manageable list of options. It’s so simple, so fun, and saves you a ton of time.

Question 1: Which Room are You Shopping For?

There are so many flooring options for your home. Certain floor coverings work best for kitchens and bathrooms, but may not be suitable for a bedroom. Who can keep it straight? Most people can’t. On Question 1, you start simply by selecting the room you are looking to floor.

What are you interested in?

CarpetFlooringWindow TreatmentsCabinets

Question 2: What’s Most Important to You?

Every home is different. Every family has different priorities. Question 2 really helps you narrow down what’s most important to you regarding your new floor. You can select multiple options that will help choose flooring with the features that will best suit your lifestyle. You already know what matters to you when selecting a new floor covering…this saves you the time of looking through thousands of options for these specific features.

Question 3: What’s Your Lifestyle In This Room?

Question 3 helps narrow down the style of flooring that will best suit the room’s purpose. The mood you’re looking to achieve with your interior design can be tough to nail down, but it’s oh so important! We make it simple!

Question 4: What’s Your Style?

Your decor and style preferences come through in any decorating you do in your home, whether you realize it or not. Making choices that fall within your style will ensure that you love your space for years to come. You may not know what your specific style is. You can take some time and read our article: Interior Design Inspiration before answering this question.

Question 5: Choose Your Flooring & Then Your Color Preferences

The last step of the questionnaire provides you with the types of flooring that best suit your lifestyle based on your responses to Questions 1-4. Once you choose the type of floor that you prefer, you will choose the color or finishes that most appeal to you. The result is the the perfect flooring choices for your style, lifestyle, and needs!

The Best Part: Flooring Options Selected Just For You!

Try the Select A Floor Finder for yourself to see YOUR perfect flooring options! It’s so simple and fun!

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