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What Should I Consider When Replacing Carpet?

When considering replacing carpet for one’s home, a main concern is, ”How will it hold up with children and pets”. Many homeowners delay replacing their carpet because they think it will be destroyed by their active family. Having children and pets does not mean you need to live with old, stained, outdated, or worn carpet. With Vertical Connection’s wide variety of styles and colors of STAINMASTER® carpet, you can have peace of mind with stain resistant, durable, modern carpet designed for the way you live.  Which STAINMASTER® carpet is best for your active family?

STAINMASTER® Active Family® carpet:

Durable, Stain Resistant, and Proven Performance. This carpet is scientifically built to handle high-traffic while maintaining its original appearance for many years. Go ahead and schedule that play-date, tiny feet running around on your carpet don’t stand a chance. Invite your friends over and don’t ask them to remove their shoes. You can even serve red wine worry-free because STAINMASTER® Active Family® carpet is designed to resist food and beverage stains. Come into Vertical Connection and let us help you pick what you like from the widest selection of styles and colors in STAINMASTER® Active Family® carpet.

STAINMASTER® LiveWell™ carpet:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a carpet that works with you in the fight against dust and allergens? STAINMASTER® LiveWell™ carpet is the first of its kind, made with a pet and kid-safe AllerShield™ technology. This technology makes your vacuuming 90% more effective in reducing allergen particles by reducing the bonding of allergen particles to the carpet fibers. To put it simply, when allergens can’t easily stick to your carpet, they’re more easily vacuumed up. The STAINMASTER® LiveWell™ carpet is a great option for any family concerned with allergens. It also contains all of the stain resistant and durable luxury of a STAINMASTER® carpet.

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STAINMASTER® TruSoft® carpet:

The STAINMASTER® TruSoft® carpet is a fabulous option if softness and comfort is your number one priority. With the stain resistance and durability of all STAINMASTER® carpet, TruSoft® carpet also boasts specially engineered fibers, making it the softest, most luxurious STAINMASTER® carpet available. So, with all this in mind, all you’ll need to decide is…what color are you going to choose?


Pet lovers rejoice! With STAINMASTER® PetProtect® your carpet and your beloved pets are no longer enemies! STAINMASTER® PetProtect® is built to resist even the worst pet stains and their pesky hair, and it is easy to clean. Perhaps the best feature of this carpet is its ability to reduce pet odors! So, if having carpet and having pets is a source of stress for your family, let’s pick out the perfect STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet for your home and send your old carpet out to the doghouse!

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