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LVT Flooring: A Great Alternative

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a type of flooring that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. The Vertical Connection Carpet One carries numerous styles and types and even has some of it installed on the showroom floor for customers’ viewing pleasure! While LVT is much more prevalent these days, it can still be a mystery material for many. We’ll break it down for you and explain why it’s a great alternative to hardwood.


The Look for Less

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Recent grouted LVT installation

One of our sales advisors, Nick, describes Luxury Vinyl Tile as getting “the look for less”. Through advancements in digital photography, LVT looks incredibly realistic – almost identical to real hardwood. “You can also create intricate patterns with mixed media, combining woods with stones

without breaking the bank,” he explains. This gives the appearance of high-end flooring without the high-end price tag. Is your taste more rustic than modern? Do you tend to lean towards textured stone looks but want to stay budget-conscious? There’s an LVT for you!



Unlike laminate, which swells when wet, and hardwood, which warps when wet, LVT is impervious to moisture in both directions. This allows for peace of mind when installing LVT in kitchens. You can rest assured that any spills or leaks will be an easy cleanup that will not damage your new flooring.


Virtually Maintenance-Free

What could be better? Luxury Vinyl Tile is easy to keep clean, whether your choice of cleaning product is a Miele vacuum, a simple broom, or the resilient floor cleaner from the Resista line that we offer in store. Whatever you decide to use, your floors will hold up beautifully. In addition, LVT is incredibly durable and is difficult to stain and/or scratch, making it the perfect flooring for homes with pets, children, and heavy foot traffic.


Luxury Vinyl Tile is just that: luxury vinyl. It’s a fantastic substitution to traditional hardwood in nearly every facet. While hardwood does lend itself to a more high-end feel, LVT can be a gorgeous alternative that will last much longer. Stop in to our Columbia, MD showroom or make an in-home appointment to experience Luxury Vinyl Tile for yourself!

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