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Latest Home Design Trends of 2018

There’s so much to love about the latest home design trends of 2018. Recently we discussed one of our favorite home decor trends, Decorating with Navy. Researching this topic reminded us of so many hot ways to add visual interest to your home! We’re loving all of these trends and we think you will to. There’s something for every design style in these trends, from vintage to modern, minimalist to bold. We couldn’t resist diving deeper into what you should be adding to your interior design, now!

Luxe Decor

You’ve probably seen this design trend everywhere but you probably didn’t know the name. Luxe decor creates an opulent, inviting and luxurious feeling to a room. Elements of luxe include marble or stone, glass, metal, and soft fabrics. Designers will typically choose a neutral palette to allow geometric patterns to take center stage. Plush carpets add warmth, and stainless steel, or shiny surfaces add visual interest. All of these features work together to create an elegant and inviting living space.

Living Space Gone Luxe. Latest Home Design Trends 2018.

This Cynthia Soda design was the cover of the 2017 fall issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple magazine. Featured in the article Living Space Gone Luxe.

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Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

Think Fixer Upper. This kitchen style has become wildly popular because of the adorable HGTV show, due to the livable vibe of this style. Modern farmhouse kitchen designs pair natural elements like wood and marble with modern accents like subway tile, and rose gold hardware- just to name a few. This homey and inviting home design trend is polished without being stuffy. To achieve this look, try white shaker kitchen cabinets, white subway tile, black accents, and a rustic wood island. Feel free to mix with modern seating for an elegant upgrade.

Modern Rustic farmhouse kitchens

Mid Century Modern Pieces

In 2018, you just can’t go wrong with furniture and accessories with a mid century vibe. Mid Century decor has been hot for years and certainly will remain so for at least a few more. Gold, brass, copper tones worked into your decor add warmth and nostalgia. A vintage light with gold accents in your living room is a good start. We discuss this trend in our previous article, Decorating with Navy. Sleek minimalist furniture, clean lines, and vintage style area rugs help to achieve this look. Think 1960s sleek and chic as you pick out your decor.

Mid Century decor. Home Interior Design Trends 2018

Read the full interview with the designer behind this mid-century living space: Behind The Design: Q&A with Linda Mazur

Jewel Tones

This home design trend of 2018 is perhaps the boldest, and most fun. This trend is for the daring! If you want to dive straight in, try painting your dining room a deep green, navy, or plum purple. If that’s just too much for your taste, we understand, try integrating pops of color. A bold velvet couch in any or these rich jewel tone colors is very on trend right now. Gorgeous, jewel tone area rugs are another great way to add a fun update to your decor.

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