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Interior Design Inspiration

If you’re overwhelmed with decoration decisions, then you may need some interior design inspiration. With so many amazing design and decor shows on TV these days, you may be catching the renovation bug like the rest of us. Some people, know exactly the type of decor they want, while many of us are overwhelmed by the whole process! Our Knowledge Center Blog has great articles that provide a ton of information on flooring, window treatments, and carpet. Nonetheless, starting your project can be overwhelming and that’s where our Carpet One Flooring Guide can help! Consider it your own personal project manager.  It provides step by step guides to help you find inspiration for your style, calculate your budget, and shop within your budget. Don’t let the name fool you, because it’s so much more than just a flooring guide! Finding the perfect flooring begins with interior design inspiration.

Step 1: Get Design Interior Design Inspiration

How To Start Remodel. Interior Design Inspiration

Turning a concept into a reality can be daunting!

Have you ever shown a picture to your hairdresser to show them exactly how you’d like your haircut? Many people have. Oftentimes, looking through pictures can help you determine exactly what you do and do not like. Step 1 of our Flooring Guide is Inspiration, where you will find links like: How do I start a home remodeling project? and Where can I find Inspiration? You can browse project boards from Pinterest and Houzz and read articles like: 8 Essentials for a Great Family Room, and Living Space Gone Luxe. It may be hard to pull yourself away from the Inspiration section…and that’s ok…but once you do, you can read up on Shopping 101 to get all the information you need to be an informed shopper.

What are you interested in?

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Step 2: Plan Your Flooring Project

Costs and planning of a remodel. Interior Design Inspiration

Budget is a large part of planning for a remodel.

While Step 2, Planning, is not the most fun section of the guide, it is very important! You can learn how to measure your floor so you can get an accurate idea of your room’s square footage. This will help with calculating your budget and choosing your product. The Budget section is full of excellent articles to help you in this area. There are many considerations to take into account when calculating your budget, and our goal is to help simplify this process with helpful articles like: What costs are associated with a flooring project?, How do I find the right floor for my budget?, What is the cost difference between the different types of flooring?, and many more. You can then browse the various flooring options that fit within your determined budget. So simple!

The Best Part: Enjoy and Care for Your New Floor!

The best part of your flooring renovation is the Enjoyment part! Step 3 of our Flooring Guide provides excellent articles on everything you need to know to prepare for Flooring Installation, all about our Warranties (they’re awesome), and Floor Care & Maintenance, to keep your flooring looking as amazing as the day it was professionally installed.

Of course, you can always skip doing your homework and come right in to have one of our Design experts help you with your project! Our huge showroom of samples combined with our expert advice will put you on the right path towards choosing your best flooring option! We’re happy to guide you, and manage your whole project.


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