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The Magic of Hunter Douglas PowerView™ Motorization Automated Shades

Window treatments are more than just an aesthetic addition to your interior design. They hold plenty of function as well, namely in controlling privacy and the amount of light being admitted into a room. While this function is important, the real name of the game is energy efficiency. Solar heat gain from sunlight pounding through windows can significantly increase energy consumption and expenses. Problems like these are a thing of the past with automated shades from the Hunter Douglas PowerView™ Motorization line. We also carry Alustra® Skyline® Vertical Blinds if PowerView isn't your thing. Keep reading to learn how automated shades can change your life.


The Wonder of Hunter Douglas Intelligent Automated Shades


Let’s start simple. How will automated shades help you in regular day-to-day living? Well, they’re automatic, so there’s no more pull-string to be tangled and stuck, to be played with by the cat, or to pose potential danger to children. That’s already a pretty neat start. But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s say the sun is setting as you watch your favorite show. As it dips nearer to the horizon, a horrible glare strikes your TV, and now your show is just a bunch of faded shadows moving around. With PowerView™ automated shades, you don’t even have to stand up — simply reach for your PowerView™ remote and send your shades cascading down with the push of a button. What’s that — you’re afraid to lose the remote? Well, there’s an app for that on both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play. All the functionality of the remote and more, right on your smartphone or tablet.


Scheduling and Scene Settings


Here’s the real kicker. Automated shades, these in particular, are about so much more than not having to stand up to open or close the shades. Scheduling through Hunter Douglas’ PowerView™ app allows you to set timers for your shades to move automatically based on how your preferences throughout the day. Let sunlight slip into your bedroom to wake you up ever-so-gently, and close the curtain on the day without having to remember to do so before you get in bed.  You can even coordinate with your location to have shades open and close at sunrise and sunset.



And at the risk of sounding trite — wait, there’s more! The app allows you to create “Scenes” — or preset shade settings for various activities. For example, if you want a little bit lower light at dinner, simply set a preset Scene for you to tap every night before you sit down with your hubby. Or perhaps you want to be able to close all the shades in a hurry on a bright hot summer day for the sake of energy efficiency — just set the Scene. You’re able to make these preset configurations for single rooms as well as multiple rooms throughout the house, creating a fully integrated and seamless atmosphere in your home. There are nearly endless possibilities with Hunter Douglas PowerView™ automated shades. To learn more about the awesome technology, click right here to read more on Hunter Douglas’ site. If you have any questions, always feel free to ask us.


Set the Scene with Automated Shades from The Vertical Connection


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