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How to Choose Window Treatments for your Home

Here at The Vertical Connection Carpet One, we have Maryland’s largest Hunter Douglas window treatment gallery. We always recommend that our customers visit our gallery for inspiration and expert advice. The right window treatment is icing on the cake in interior design, and yet it’s often the last detail a homeowner tackles. Window treatments can add an impressive wow factor to a room, greatly improve energy efficiency, and provide privacy. Hunter Douglas offers countless options of blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies. All of these options offer various styles, colors, and functions to elevate your decor, but many choices can cause confusion. So, how do you choose the best window treatments for your home?

What Do You Want to Achieve with Your Windows?

First, consider how you would like the windows to function in a particular space. Do you want a window treatment that will enhance excellent natural light, or control harsh sunlight? Consider the types of windows you have and what might look aesthetically best for their shape, and your decor. Is privacy a concern? For bedrooms and media rooms, blackout shades can be a great upgrade. What is your decor style? Do you want add drama and elegance to a room, or just a subtle finishing and polished touch? With those questions considered, and answered, you’ll be better prepared to decide which type of window treatment to shop for.


Commonly confused with blinds, window shades are soft window treatments on a continuous roll, which completely cover the window. With exclusive fabrics only available at The Vertical Connection Carpet One, combined with the latest in energy conserving shade technology, you are guaranteed to find a Hunter Douglas window shade that’s beautiful and practical. Our Hunter Douglas Gallery includes silhouettes, pirouettes, luminettes and the Hunter Douglas Duette Architella Honeycomb Shade Collection, providing you with the industry’s highest level of energy efficiency, as well as other exclusive Hunter Douglas shades unavailable anywhere else. Shades are a great choice in any room that has excellent natural light.

What are you interested in?

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Hunter Douglas shades are available with Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization. Click this link to learn more about the many perks of Motorized Shades.


Wood Blinds: Make a statement with the beauty of real wood, a renewable source.  Crafted from the finest hardwoods and finished with TopShield™ll, Hunter Douglas’ exclusive coating for greater durability, Country Woods blinds are ideal for homeowners upgrading and looking to make a wise investment.

Alternative (Faux) Wood Blinds: With Hunter Douglas alternative wood blinds, you never compromise style for practicality.  Guaranteed not to fade, yellow, warp or bow, Hunter Douglas blinds are perfect for windows exposed to moisture, humidity and sun, while providing the most realistic looks, like the Hunter Douglas TruGrain® stain finishes.S

Aluminum Blinds: Express yourself with a multitude of finishes in every hue imaginable.  Built from Hunter Douglas exclusive, spring-tempered alloy, Modern Precious Metals® blinds are built for durability and are perfect for contemporary styles and high-traffic households.

Hunter Douglas offers the finest woods, wood alternatives and aluminum blinds, and vertical blinds available. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect blinds for your home, no matter what your taste or style. We’ll help you every step of the way. From selection to measure and installation, we’ll provide all the support you need. At the Vertical Connection Carpet One we’ll help you find wood blinds and aluminum blinds that can be sized to fit any window perfectly.


Quality shutters can add classical elegance to any home, as well as providing finely tuned lighting control. Our selection of fine Hunter Douglas products also includes their beautiful, high-performance shutters that combine the timeless appearance of genuine wood with the durability of advanced synthetics, resulting in a window treatment that’s the best of both worlds. Available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, and sporting their trademarked, multi-layer Integra finish, Hunter Douglas shutters are guaranteed to keep stay radiant and fresh for much longer than the standard shutter.

There are 3 types of shutters: plantation, solid, and café style. The most common type of shutter, the plantation shutter is designed to allow air to pass through an open window, but still keep the room cool. The key feature of a plantation shutter is the horizontal slats called louvres. The louvres are mounted inside a frame and rotate to an open or closed position to allow for air and light control. The louvres are available in different widths, creating a unique design element to the shutter. Changing the size of the louvre can drastically change its appearance. Plantation shutters have the most versatility as far as size and shape. They can be made to the height of an entire room and can also be cut into shapes such as circles, triangles, or octagons.

Solid shutters are mainly used on older homes. They are designed to be completely open during the day and closed at night. Solid shutters keep the most light out and allow for the most privacy. Solid shutters are also available with louvres on top allowing for more flexible light control options. They can also have added decorative elements such as fabric panels or tinted glass.

Café style shutters are so named because they were used in restaurants and cafés to cover only the bottom half of a window. They are mostly used in homes with very large windows where sunlight is allowed to enter while a sense of privacy is maintained.

Draperies, Swags, Valances, and Much, Much More

Your window treatment selection doesn’t stop there because at The Vertical Connection Carpet One we can design and create custom draperies available in any style. From classical to casual. Do you find a full drapery is too heavy? Allow us to design the perfect finishing touch for your window. Valances (Styled fabrics that drape over the top of a window), swags (valances with attached tails that hang alongside the window frame) and cornices all add a beautiful finishing touch. The Vertical Connection Carpet One can provide you with absolutely any kind of window treatment you can imagine, at a price you can afford.

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