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How Do I Know What Carpet is Best for My Home?

How Do I Know What Carpet is best for My Home?

Thanks to the advancement in technology, carpet is constructed to be stronger and softer than ever before, plus more stain resistant. Carpet comes in an array of fibers, colors, patterns, and styles which are the main elements of design for your space.

Since carpeting is a large investment in your home, working with someone you trust will ensure you buy carpeting that fits your needs. This will also give you the knowledge that you’re getting a quality carpet for a good value. Let’s go over what goes into selecting the right carpet for you!

What are you interested in?

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#1 Fiber

Nylon is the most versatile of the fibers. It comes in a variety of styles from super plush to durable loops.

Trixeta is stronger than polyester and has better cleanability and is much less likely to fade unlike polyester. It’s great if you have pets and/or kids.

Olefin/Polypropylene works great anywhere you have intense sunlight and anywhere you need stain resistance, ie playrooms, basements, indoor/outdoor rooms, etc.

Polyester is best when it’s medium to high density as well as a higher pile. This will provide long term wear, plus your highest level of appearance retention. It’s great for children’s rooms and is budget friendly.

#2 Colors

Grays continue to be very popular! It’s a nice neutral that can read warm or cool. We’ve got a great selection here at The Vertical Connection Carpet One for you to peruse. Our experienced staff is more than happy to help you select the perfect color. There are even some metallic hues that are gorgeous! A few of our manufacturers will customize your carpet based on your color scheme.

#3 Patterns

From geometric to an animal print, we have whatever your heart desires. There’s something for everyone whether it’s a new build or renovating an older home in Howard County. You can even do a tone on tone pattern based on the height of the loop or pile.

#4 Styles

Regardless if you prefer contemporary, traditional or anything in between, we kind find a carpet that will suit your space. We also have commercial carpet for those looking for a more modern look.

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