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Healthier Living Carpet Installation

HLI SprayThe first carpet installation system to address growing consumer demand for cleaner, healthier indoor air. In response to rising concern about indoor pollutants and allergies, The Vertical Connection Carpet One has created the Healthier Living™ Installation, which uses the most advanced technology to clean the air of dust, odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew that can trigger allergic reactions during and after home-renovation projects.

The way carpeting is installed can dramatically reduce exposure to irritants that can provoke serious allergy and allergy-like symptoms.  By minimizing dust and odors, the cleaner, healthier practices of the Healthier Living™ Carpet Installation promote better home air quality, especially for  families in which  allergies and dust sensitivities are a hindrance. The system also ensures that the subfloor under the carpet is sanitized.

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During the Healthier Living™ Installation, extra precautions keep dust, bacteria and particles from becoming airborne and moving throughout the home when old carpet is removed, and new carpet is installed. Coupled with some high-tech steps to remove and prevent mold, mildew and bacteria growth under the carpet, this system is one-of-a-kind.

HLI NeedThese steps include:

  • HealthinEx™ — an exclusive antimicrobial agent that disinfects, protects and diminishes mold, mildew and bacteria — is used to treat subfloors under the carpet. Healthinex™ also traps microorganisms on the surface so they cannot become airborne, and it provides a lasting, clean surface that resists mold growth.
  • Throughout the installation, our HomeGuard Care System™ ensures that dust and particulates are contained to and removed from the work area. This includes using a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum that will not release dust back into the home before and after the cushion and carpet are installed. And protective booties prevent tracking of dirt, grit and contaminants in the home.
  • An antimicrobial premium carpet cushion that blocks spills from seeping through and inhibits growth of mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria is used during the installation.

Not all flooring installations are created equal. We’re very excited that we are able to offer our customer this superior installation system. With the Healthier Living™ Flooring Installation System, we’re taking the extra steps homeowners today expect for a cleaner, healthier living environment in their homes. In addition to all the great health benefits, Healthier Living™ Installation also doubles the wear and texture retention warranties of the product it is installed with.

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