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How Does Healthier Living Carpet Installation Work?

Healthier Living Carpet Installation

Homeowners are concerned about allergens that get trapped underneath carpets. Healthier Living Carpet Installation removes and protects against these allergens.

Are you getting a carpet replaced that hasn’t been replaced in many years? Or do you have pets that spread allergens? Many homeowners are looking for ways to maintain healthier indoor air. Especially if allergies are concerned, it’s important to keep the home as clean as possible. Our Healthier Living Carpet Installation is the first type of carpet installation to respond to this growing concern. The Vertical Connection Carpet One has developed this method using advanced technology that cleans dust, allergens, pollutants, and odor-causing bacteria out of the air and subflooring. This ensures that your new carpet installation won’t leave you sneezing in the unsettled dust! Here’s how the process works.

How Healthier Living Carpet Installation Cleans Your Home

The first step of our Healthier Living Carpet Installation is the removal of your existing carpet. Our experienced carpet installers pull up and dispose of your existing carpet and then vacuum the subfloor with a HEPA vacuum. This crucial first step helps us to eliminate as much excess dust and pollutants as possible. The filter-equipped HEPA vacuum ensures that no lingering dust or pollutants find their way into other parts of the home or continue to hang around in the room where the new carpet is being installed.

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The next step is to spray the subfloor with HealthinEx™, an exclusive antimicrobial spray that disinfects the subflooring as well as protects against future growth of bacteria and mildew. HealthinEx™ also works to trap any remaining microorganisms onto the surface of the subflooring so that they will never become airborne.

Finally, we install an antimicrobial carpet padding that also works to control the growth of bacteria and mildew. You come home to a breathable home with a brand new clean carpet that actively works to keep allergens at bay!

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