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Hardwood Floor Design Tips for Howard County

Hardwood-FloorWhen you purchase a new home in Howard County, or you are simply looking to give your current home a face lift, flooring is a major design component. Homeowners must first determine what kind of flooring they want for the different areas of their home. A popular choice for Howard County flooring is a hardwood floor. A hardwood floor can come in several different styles and colors to create a look that fits the style of the homeowner.

A hardwood floor can create a completely different look for your room depending on the species of wood chosen for the floors as well as the widths of the plank. However, some Howard County homeowners aren’t completely confident in using their hardwood floor as part of their room design. Here are some design tips for incorporating a hardwood floor within your room design:

  • A dark hardwood floor can become the focal point of a family room or living space by incorporating lightly colored furniture pieces and walls. The contrast in color can create dimension in the room, which can help draw the eye of guests to the floor without making the room feel small or closed in.
  • On the opposite side of a dark hardwood floor, a light and natural colored hardwood floor can bring brightness to a room with dark furniture and walls. Maple wood and natural oak as well as other woods with less grain can help create space and light in a dark room.
  • Hand-scraped wood is becoming a more popular choice for Howard County homeowners to help create a more hand-crafted look for a room. This look can create an older, more rustic look for your hardwood floor without the actual damage to the flooring. This will also help in hiding future dents and scratches.

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