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Flooring Trends for 2019

If the New Year has your thoughts turning towards new flooring in your home, then you may be interested in our recommendations for the flooring trends of 2019. Now, of course, 2019 is just beginning, so these are predictions based on what’s been hot in flooring options for the past few years, and a few newbies we think will be up and coming.

Still Leading the Pack: Hardwood Floors, Engineered Wood Floors, and Wood Look Tile.

There’s just no question that wood flooring is the top flooring choice for homeowners and designers. With so many options available to achieve that wood, or wood-look floor, we can see why. Durable, timeless, and available in every finish, material, size, and cost range…you just can’t go wrong with it. Wood design trends for 2019 will reflect what designers have been seeing happen in interior design for the past few years. Homeowners are looking to achieve nostalgia and an escape. The major comeback of mid century decor reflects a timeless nostalgia that people are craving in this high tech, frenetic life. The popularity of rustic farmhouse decor invokes a sense of escapism from busy, industrial and modern design.

Flooring for Retro and Nostalgic Decor

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Retro and nostalgic flooring options that seem to be making a comeback include hardwood flooring with pattern and dimension. Designers predict that we will see parquet flooring gaining popularity once again, as homeowners strive to choose flooring that stands apart from the rest. Parquet was a popular choice in the 60s and 70s because of its durability and affordability. It fell out of favor when it became too popular. Now, we are on the opposite side of this spectrum where what’s old is new. Think cork flooring! The almost three-dimensional effect of parquet can be modernized with most hardwood, engineered wood and wood-look tile by getting creative with layout. Diagonal, herringbone, and mixing wood plank sizing are just a few ways to make your flooring stand apart from every other home.

Flooring for a Rustic Escape

Rustic Farmhouse decor makes a home feel inviting, lived-in, and approachable. Cool tones like grays, whites, and beige neutrals are king in this decor. Wide-plank, distressed floors and reclaimed wood will remain a huge trend for years to come. All of these styles are available in eco friendly, natural wood, and recycled materials.

Wide Plank, Distressed, Light Hardwood Creates an Inviting Rustic Vibe. To Shop This Look, Visit our Showroom

Patterned Tile is Still a Favorite

Pattern pattern pattern! Tile trends have become so incredibly fun with the popularity of patterned flooring tiles. Unique patterns make the floor the showstopper focal point in previously boring bathrooms and even kitchens. This is a trend that has been picking up speed and doesn’t seem as though it will slow down for years to come. Go bold and dramatic with black and white tiles, or stay subtle and modern with cool grays, blues and whites! Either way, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful flooring trend!

What About Carpet?

We’ve watched carpet fall a bit out of favor with homeowners looking for durable, life-proof flooring options. It’s hard to resist hard flooring that can be easily cleaned, is water-resistant and is almost indestructible! The carpeting industry has taken notice and stepped up their game. Now homes can have the cushy coziness and warmth of carpeting without the worry. New technologies have made carpeting amazingly durable, stain resistant, water-resistant and even pet hair and dander resistant! Our previous blog article: What Should I Consider When Replacing Carpet is full of excellent specifics on the brands of carpet we recommend for busy homes.

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