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What Are the Best Flooring Options for Pets?

flooring for pets

When it comes to pet flooring, you have options!

Man’s best friend is not just a dog; he’s a member of the family. When you have new floors installed, you want to make sure that the new floors will complement your faithful pooch or playful kitten. We want to enjoy our time with our pets, not stress about keeping the floors clean!

There are two main concerns when it comes to pets and flooring: scratches and stains. There are different types of flooring that handle stains and scratches differently.

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Best Flooring to Protect Against Scratches

Your kitten loves to run around the floors chasing her toys, and you definitely don’t want to get her declawed. So, what do you do to prevent scratches on your new floors? Choosing the right type of flooring can go a long way.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and laminate are the superior scratch-resistant options. Vinyl and laminate aren’t what they used to be; modern manufacturing techniques make vinyl and laminate look almost imperceptible from other types of flooring. LVT is created using high resolution digital imaging to produce crisp, clean tiles. That’s right, LVT is not the same as the thin sheet of vinyl that covers your grandmother’s kitchen. Laminate is also not the same product it used to be a couple decades ago. Modern laminate is made in four layers: a protective wear layer, a patterned layer, a rigid core, and a base that prevents warping. Both LVT and laminate are easy to clean and tough on scratches. And with all of today’s modern design options, you’re sure to find a design that matches your home’s personality.

Best Flooring to Protect Against Stains

Uh-oh! The new puppy just had an accident!

Stains are another big concern with pets. LVT and porcelain tile, because of their easy cleaning and maintenance requirements, are another great option to protect against stains. Both are completely non-absorbent and easy to clean.

If you’re looking for something cushier, there are excellent waterproof carpet options! Tigressa H2O carpeting has a fusion-bonded thermoplastic backing, so no moisture can seep through to the subfloor. This is especially important for preventing mildew and mold growth. The Vertical Connection Carpet One also offers a NO EXCLUSIONS STAIN WARRANTY, which includes pet stains! Whatever your flooring needs, we can help you find an option that works with your pets.

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